Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 14: Community Service Hours... Made a PSA!

Woohoo! It's day 14 -- I am halfway through my Recovery! Woot!

As I mentioned in this morning's Twittergram, today I was assigned a Community Service project. They had me create a Public Service Announcement about the growing problem of Social Networking addiction. To me it looks more like a damn commercial for this place!

As Chris Brogan would say, "what do you think?"


Unknown said...

Man, when you added the Quechup, I almost fell out of the chair. Very funny!!!

Ed said...

I agree. As soon as the Quechup arrived, I made a grand fool of myself to those around me. Thanks for the laugh. Next time I'll bring the wire wisp.

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D said...

Small point, but you should have scrambled the eggs :-) Takes LOL to new levels. LMFAO

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. The Staff here at INVITATIONS told me I'd get extra Community Service hours for every comment on the PSA, so you are all making a positive contribution toward my recovery. Greatly appreciated!

Suzy@CertainShops said...

I have only recently been dragged kicking and screaming into this social networking lark, getting hooked on the soft "don't worry it's not addictive" stuff at Grasshoppers.ning. Now I have invested too many hours trying to make sense of it all - and developing a serious addiction in the process - to pack it all in now. Not only am I hiding from the social rehab gestapo, but I am lurking on corners of the Internet luring innocents to join me by creating a `dummies guide' to social networking "Blogging for Blondes" ( There is a lot of sharing of urls and I just don't know where it is all going to end.....

Mike McAllen said...

I know a great place in Sayulita, Mexico to run a rehab clinic. plus you can get wifi- wait that wouldn't be good would it???

Great video!!!!!


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