Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 10: Follow the Powncing Ball...

So, it is Day 10. I am back in Recovery after a Labor Day Weekend Reprieve. It feels like for each step forward in the program I am taking two Tweets backward. I came back to the facility with a fresh outlook, and according to the staff, a fresh mouth as well. Don't they get it? Telling a female counselor that I want to Pownce her when I get out does NOT have any sexual overtones! Sheesh! Imagine if I told her what I was really thinking... that I wished we'd get LinkedIN together one day! Between that and the "poke" comment the other day, they are watching me like a hawk... but I still managed to sneak in this Twittergram when they were all busy tightening the strings on the straitjackets in the Crackberry Ward (FYI, that's where all the Celebrities are!)

My ankle is getting raw and itchy from the Treo bracelet. If my kids come to visit I will see if they can sneak in some Calamine lotion.

Think of me when you are Twittering. I am thinking of you.