Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 16: The Social Networking Gene...

It is day 16. I am more than halfway through my recovery. It is kind of quiet here at INVITATIONS since the Crackberry wing is practically empty. All the Celebrities checked out to go to Vegas for the VMA's. After seeing Britney's performance, I bet most of them wished they had stayed here. At least when the docs, nurses, therapists and counselors here start yellin' at you, there's no question they aren't lip syncing! Oops. She really did it again, didn't she!

As I mentioned in this morning's Twittergram, I am faced with the prospect that I may have passed this terrible disease of Social Networking Addiction onto my children. I have started to see the signs in my youngest, my daughter. At 16 she can thumb type on her SideKick like Mavis Beacon after two double espressos! I am pretty certain she is using MySpace when I am not around. On more than one occasion, when I came home from work I noticed her dilated pupils from staring at the Computer Monitor. I hope and pray that she doesn't discover Twitter! I fear that Twitter may be a gateway social network, and may lead to her using more powerful and addictive social media, like Facebook, where her usage won't be limited to short doses of 140 characters. Once she crosses that line, she may be lost forever.

I will have to keep a close watch on who her friends are. I better not recognize any of their usernames!