Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 21: Mash? Mosh? Mush!

It's day 21, and as I mentioned in a Twittergram, I feel I am constantly being taunted! How can I ever expect to get clean if every day there is a new network on every street corner.... taunting, teasing and tempting me. Yahoo, take your MASH away! Nokia, stick to making phones and squash MOSH! All these new networks are making my mind into MUSH!

What's a Social Networking Addict to do?

It's bad enough, thanks to my Treo, that I catch myself Twittering in the bathroom, while driving, while walking, at the gym. I am quite adept at "thumb typing." Now I find as long as one hand is free, no matter what I am doing I am able to Twitter away. (And "Twittering with one hand" has NO sexual connotations, thank you very much!)

This is bad... very bad. Clearly the meds they have me on here at INVITATIONS are not doing a thing...

Perhaps I'll have to seek a homeopathic remedy. Any ideas???

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Connie Bensen said...

Perhaps a liniment rub for the twittering hand to keep it in good form.

Personally I'm not into homeopathic. Cold turkey? or drugs are my vote. (watch out for PETA if you make turkeys die)

I'm sadly addicted now too. *grin*

Jeff said...

Connie, I appreciate the suggestions but I worry about what the liniment may do to my Treo's touch screen.

As for the PETA principle, I couldn't agree more.

Instead of Cold Turkey I might opt for Wild Turkey (the Bourbon). Of course, if I am not careful, as soon as I check out of INVITATIONS I will have to check into PROMISES...