Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 7: Teased & Tortured by Community Condiments

It is Day 7 in Social Networking Rehab, and I am reminded that we live in a cruel and angry world. How excited I was to, even in Rehab, be receiving countless invitations to a groundbreaking and exciting new Social Network that was taking the globe by storm. How thoughtful of all these folks to think of me in my time of healing and share with me the excitement and promise of yet another on-line community. Oh Joy! Invitations! Even the name seemed so enticing, exciting and for me, apropos... after all, as soon as my 28 days are up, I fully expect to "Catch Up" with all I missed while in recovery.

You can imagine how disappointed I was to learn that "Quechup" was merely a sham -- a clever condiment ruse to rouse contacts and other data from eager and unsuspecting early adopters. Had I not been in this fine facility and on restriction, I too would have succumbed, and given forth all YOUR contact information! Alas, Rehab is not just saving me, but perhaps, as Gary V might say, it saved a little bit of you too!


Anonymous said...

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